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The Passionate Teenager and His Internet Girlfriend

Come live with me and be my love,
You make me feel like a free dove,
Iíll even pay for your phone bills,
and count all your Counter-Strike kills,

My love is true my love is great,
You canít deny that it was fate,
In that chat room on that night,
You illuminated the room like a bright light.

I felt like the coolest guy on the web,
Because of my internet girlfriend named Hotty921Deb,
Iíve never seen her picture but I donít care,
I just hope she doesnít look like Cher.

Itís been a week and you havenít replied,
A bit of my heart just felt like it just died,
My life just shattered in my face,
Like a woman spraying my eyes with mace.

Revenge is pulsing through my blood,
Iím giving up as an internet stud,
I know hacking is bad but you broke my heart,
Not turning on your firewall isnít too smart.

Going through your files something catches my eye,
There goes your WINDOWS folder say good bye,
With out regretting I delete all your files,
Even though Iím far away, miles and miles.

I get my revenge and life goes on,
Itís been 2 months since youíve been gone,
I get a letter from the FBI,
Saying that I better not run or I will die.

I tell my parents and they say,
I better run right now today,
I take a flight to somewhere far,
I quickly get a rented car.

Driving away not knowing where to go,
I drive as fast as I can not trying to be slow,
I get stopped by some cops, who looked pretty mad,
I knew what was about to come was bad.

They send me to jail,
No chance of being bailed,
7 years in jail isnít very good,
I would go back in time and change everything if I could.
Little poem I made for English class. Sort of a long.

NOT based on self-experience.
idecay Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005
wait. i get it.
idecay Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005
i dont get why he ended up in jail.
cute poem. =]
Balthaser Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2005
yay you submitted it !! =3

the last part isn't based on self experience yes i know ... LOL!

you're finally unleashing the geeky side of you xD *snort*

i like it coz it's original.
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September 7, 2005
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